Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Windows are Your Best Investment

1. Improve your home’s thermal comfort. The windows have become more than just openings that let in light and air into your home. Advances in technology, and the recent (and continuing) need for more sustainable options, have allowed for replacement windows that can directly influence your home’s thermal comfort and energy efficiency. For example, newer windows are now designed to have multiple panes because they offer a better way to insulate your home against extreme outdoor temperatures By reducing unwanted heat transfer into your living space, you can keep a more comfortable and consistent indoor environment.

2. Lower your energy bills. Did you know that inefficient windows take up a significant portion of your home’s annual utility costs? That’s because they are more prone to seal failure, which makes it easy for heating or cooling energy to escape outside. At the same time, these gaps allow temperatures from outside to leak into your space, creating cold or hot spots (depending on the season) that cause your HVAC system to work overtime. But this will no longer be an issue when you get energy-saving replacement windows. They usually come with a tough framing material that keeps a tight seal to prevent air leakage and significant energy loss.

3. Increase your access to natural light. Energy-efficient windows help block radiant heat transfer to your home. This is especially handy during the summer, where the rise in temperature can cause homeowners to crank up their air conditioner. But this has another bonus. Because you no longer have to worry about direct sunlight heating up your rooms and raising your cooling bills, you can enjoy more effective daylighting. What this means is you can keep your home illuminated naturally in the daytime, allowing you to save more on your lighting bills.

4. Reduce noise transmission. Everybody needs their beauty sleep–and energy-efficient windows can help with that, as well. We’ve mentioned before that they come with multiple panes. But aside from heading off excess heat and cold from the outside, they can also filter the noise that transfers into your home. If the neighbor’s dog is barking all night, or there’s a parade of cars passing through your neighborhood, you wouldn’t know about it because you’ll be enjoying the calm and relaxing quiet inside your home too much to notice.


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